pH Testing Results

Reported Values — Sorted by Average Meter Reading

To put these data in perspective, remember that pH is a logarithmic number. Thus a group of student tests with a standard deviation of ±1.00 pH unit would vary by a 10× difference in [H+].
Also, the actual list of substances that have been tested is a very long list! However, many of those substances have only been tested one or two times. Thus, to shorten the list shown here, only the substances that have been tested at least 30 times are included.

Substance No. of
Avg. Paper
Avg. Meter
Juice‚ Lemon1542.503.10±1.26
Vinegar‚ white distilled1892.593.11±1.06
Beverage‚ Cola‚ Coke‚ regular663.103.16±0.82
Beverage‚ Gatorade402.803.22±1.01
Beverage‚ Cola‚ Pepsi‚ regular502.843.28±1.11
Vinegar‚ diluted512.973.77±1.34
Juice‚ Orange494.023.96±0.94
Beverage‚ Cola‚ Pepsi‚ Diet303.824.00±1.35
Beverage‚ Mt. Dew1003.804.02±1.17
Beverage‚ Sprite523.914.08±1.51
Beverage‚ Tea‚ Iced‚ Lipton344.164.82±1.78
Beverage‚ Cola‚ Coke‚ Diet394.145.07±1.31
Beverage‚ Coffee‚ black364.925.17±1.38
Drug‚ Hydrogen Peroxide304.755.37±0.95
Detergent‚ Rinse‚ Jet Dry376.276.16±2.02
Water‚ bottled356.406.24±1.72
Food‚ Salt‚ Table with water355.466.46±1.25
Disinfectant‚ Gel‚ Hand or Bath325.756.68±1.80
Water‚ tap‚ city376.316.82±1.26
Beverage‚ Milk‚ whole396.466.85±1.51
Drug‚ Antacid‚ Tums516.827.28±1.61
Detergent‚ dishwashing liquid386.417.28±1.88
Food‚ Baking Soda with water427.678.02±0.67
Detergent‚ dishwashing liquid‚ Ivory516.918.08±1.96
Drug‚ Antacid‚ Rolaids427.248.31±1.77
Laundry‚ Starch‚ liquid478.748.49±0.69
Cleaner‚ Glass‚ Windex1819.489.42±1.83
Disinfectant‚ Lysol448.699.57±2.26
Cleaner‚ Glass789.059.79±1.20
Cleaner‚ Bathroom439.4110.05±2.48
Cleaner‚ Ammonia‚ diluted419.7310.28±2.36
Cleaner‚ Ammonia‚ full strength11210.4410.46±1.10

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