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NEW! (Apr 2000) The Evolution of a Biology Course-Related Web Site
Presentation at 11th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in April 2000 (Caution: some of the associated files may be too big to be feasible over phone lines) Photos from the trip
Implementation of Web-Based Biology Course Materials at Clermont College - University of Cincinnati
Presentation at Syllabus 98 in Jul 1998 (Caution: some of the associated files may be too big to be feasible over phone lines) Photos from the trip
Biology Course-Related Web Pages Using Perl CGI Scripts
Presentation at IT Focus Day in Apr 1998 (Caution: some of the associated files may be too big to be feasible over phone lines)
Using Perl for Win 32 to do CGI in Win 95
Presentation at the Summer Institute on Instructional Technology in Aug 1997
Using VAX DCL to Do CGI
Presentation at the Second Annual Conference on: “The Practical Uses of Instructional Technology in the College Environment” in Feb 1996
some of my web pages
Wildflower Practice Quiz
A game to help our students learn to identify local wildflowers
Insect Orders Game
A game to help our students learn some common insect orders
My Ancestors
A geneology ďdatabaseĒ that takes a while to load, so be patient
Calculate Moon Phases for a Three-Month Period
Hereís my first try at JavaScript. (Caution, Netscape 2 has problems, but Netscape 3+ are OK.) Sample Code
A JavaScript Alarm Clock
This is where photography (yes, theyíre all from real photos), computer graphics, music composition (OK, itís nothing fancy), MIDI software, and JavaScript meet HTML. Set the time and choose a song.
A Piano You Can Play
Sounds better with a good sound card
Madlibs CGI Experiment
. . . Well, it started out that way, but now itís JavaScript
Browser Y2K Bug Fix
Current versions of neither Netscape nor IE can correctly handle dates. Hereís a workaround.
JavaScript onFocus Problem in NS3 vs NS4
There is a difference in how the two versions handle the ďonFocusĒ method in JavaScript
Testing Variables in Perl and JavaScript
What variables are accessible/available via Perl and JavaScript
Interesting Links
Links Iíve found useful or interesting (I donít check them as often as I should, so let me know if something doesn’t seem to be working.)
clermont biology links
Biology Department Home Page
Check here for other course-related links
Dr. David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D.
Check out Davidís glycolysis models, Hawaii and Italy photos, and cheese recipes
Amy Gregory
Biology-Chemistry Lab Manager ó Information on Laboratory Safety
Opossum Information
Photos of our orphans
Monarch Information
Data and photos from our part of the Monarch-Deuterium study
Clermont Biology Maple Syrup and Waffle Photo Collection
See the whole process from tapping the trees to eating waffles (graphics may take a while to load)
other clermont and university of cincinnati links
Science, Math, and Engineering Division Home Page
Biology at Clermont is part of the Science, Math, and Engineering Division
Clermont College Home Page
. . . For more information on Clermont College
UC Arts & Sciences Biology Department
For students transferring to Clifton, hereís information on their biology department
University of Cincinnati Home Page
. . . For more information on the University of Cincinnati
E-Mail Account
Apply for a Bearcat Online (BOL) E-Mail Account
BOL Info
Information on Bearcat Online
other schools, organizations, friends, and relatives
Valparaiso University
Where I got my BS
Valpo Biology Department
My major
Valpo Chemistry Department
My second major
Purdue Entomology Department
Where I got my MS
University Lutheran Church (ULu)
Where I was a member during grad school
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Where I used to work
Bill Stein
My cousin down in Texas
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