Chapman, E. et al. May, 2000. A study of the ecology of a tributary of Maple Creek, Clermont College Campus - Batavia, Ohio.

An unnamed tributary of Maple Creek was mapped using compass, tape rule and marker flags. A shrub plot inventory conducted on the south bank recorded 132 shrub plants in 6 species. An herbaceous plant inventory conducted 15m east of the shrub inventory recorded 72 herbaceous plants in 11 species as well as numerous grasses and mosses. Timed fauna counts recorded 363 animals in 16 species. Three soil tests conducted resulted in an average pH of 7.83; nitrogen levels were trace, phosphorus levels ranged from very low to medium, and potassium levels ranged from very low to med-high. Water analysis conducted resulted in an average pH of 7.83, average Ca++ (hardness) of 268ppm, dissolved oxygen content of 7.0 D.O. units, average silica content of 7.6ppm, average CO2 content of 14ppm, and nitrogen and phosphorus levels less than 0.2ppm. Tree pair analysis would label the surrounding forest as mixed-mesophytic, but new growth/seedlings in understory show signs of maturation toward climax community with numerous beech saplings present.