Literature Review

In 1866, Ernest Hackel was the first scientist to study "Okeologie", which is our word Ecology today, and the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Since Ernest Hackel many scientists have studied these relationships and interactions in nature. A.G. Tansley was the first person to use the word "Ecosystem" which describes the totality of all living species, biotic and abiotic factors, and their interactions.

Today, many scientists around the world are working together to try and save our natural ecosystems, and have made ecology a very important branch of scientific study. Dave Foreman and Dr. Roger G. Bailey worked independently of each other, but performed the same techniques, to prove to people the worth of the land that would be stripped of its trees and vegetation.

Dr. Bailey and Mr. Foreman started out by studying different areas of land by mapping, inventory of diverse flora and fauna, soil and water analysis. Dr. Bailey found that the smaller ecosystems are greatly influenced by what goes on in the larger ecosystems, and that the linkages between these ecosystems are just as important as the individual components, such as soil and plants. Mr. Foreman concluded that many areas that are unprotected and are rich in biological diversity are very vulnerable to construction.


Methods & Materials