Methods & Materials

To observe any changes in the flow or path of the creek, mapping of Maple Creek was essential. Using a compass, meter tape and transit the azimuth of consecutive segments along the creek bed were determined. After the creek was mapped, the results were compared with those of previous years. Similarly, the two new ponds were also mapped.

Next, the biotic factors of the Maple Creek were studied. All of the fauna, mostly insects and anthropods, were counted and recorded over intervals of time. Shrub & herb plots were performed next to study the flora of Maple Creek. We followed the protocols for the Flora & Fauna Survey. Random Pairs of trees analysis was also performed to find the density of the West Woods. This was also outlined by a protocol for Random Pairs of Trees.

Then, soil analysis were examined to test the soil in certain areas around Maple Creek. Nitrogen, pH levels, Phosphorus, and Potassium tests were conducted. Outlined in protocol for Soil Analysis.

Finally, the environmental factors, such as light intensity, air temperature, percentage of relative humidity, soil temperature and wind velocity were studied. Outlined in protocols for Environmental Factors.