2007 Ecology Project

Discussion and Conclusions
Literature Cited
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Ecology of Local Spiders

In 2007 part of Ms. Carterís Ecology class decided to create a website using the skills they had learned over the course of the quarter.  The project was an examination of local spiders and how the ecology of the areas they lived in effected them.  Our goal was to not only use the data we collected, but to use all of the data available through the ecology website that had been collected over the years by previous Classes.

A Black Widow


The Ecology of four local areas was looked at to determine if an effect on spider population could be discovered.  In order to try and find meaningful results the two areas where spiders were most common and the two areas where they were least common where chosen.  The Areas chosen were located around Clermont college campus.  The two areas with the greatest amount of spiders observed per hour were the ponds and the grassy area.  The two areas where spiders were least common are morel hill and south old field. The main focus was on the climate, availability of prey, abundance of predators, and local plant life.  Data from previous ecology classes was utilized to both determine which areas to look at, and what the ecological situation of those areas was.  No relevant correlations were found in the data analyzed.