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Doing Course Assignments at Home
For each of the topics to be covered, you are asked to first read through related materials elsewhere on our Web server. Then, in many cases, you will be asked to use Web and/or library resources to gain more background information on a given topic. For a number of the assignments, you will be asked to do something (flushing the toilet, baking bread. . .), and most of these activities are things that would be suitable as “family activities.” If you have children of your own, they would probably enjoy helping mom or dad with homework.

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Please observe the following “rules” when sending me e-mail messages:
Reporting Pages That Don’t Work Right
I have tried to create these pages so they will work with as many Web browsers as possible. That can be really tough, though, because it seems like just when I get things working and invent work-arounds for the latest generation of quirky, “broken” browser features, somebody comes out with a new version of a browser that can’t do something that every previous browser could do.
I have tested these Web pages using SeaMonkey (so should probably work OK in FireFox, too) and Internet Explorer. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) information works best in non-IE browsers. While IE does’t understand CSS as well, and thus some things might not line up as intended, all the links, etc. should be functional. I do not have Opera, Safari, etc., installed to test, but from what I’ve read, those tend to do OK with CSS.
Thus, if you find something that’s not working right for you, please let me know, and let’s work together to see if we can figure it out. If you encounter a problem, please be very observant. Observe and note exactly what you tried and exactly what happened as a result. When you contact me, please give me as much detail as possible: what browser are you using (what version might also be helpful), what, specifically, did you do or try to do, what did the Web page do. . . ? The more information and the more detail you can give me, the better our chances are of figuring out what’s going on and finding a solution. If all you tell me is “It isn’t working,” that is not enough information to go on.
Child Windows vs. Anti-Pop-Up Software
One thing of which I am aware that might be a potential problem for some people is a “conflict” between some kinds of anti-pop-up software and the need to use child windows among these Web pages. I do make frequent use of child windows. For example, I have created a number of Web pages to allow you to submit your assignments online. Each time you submit an assignment, I believe it is helpful to you to get a confirmation message back from the server that your assignment has been received. However, I think it’s a hassle to have the Web page you’re viewing disappear and be replaced by a “one-liner” that requires you to click the “back” button to go back to and reload the page you were viewing. Thus, I have set things up to load the short confirmation message in a small child window that can be viewed and then closed, all without losing your place on the “main” page you are viewing. Based on comments I’ve received from students in other courses, it sounds like some types of anti-pop-up software are very good at distinguishing between these sorts of “legitimate” child windows and the “bad” pop-ups, while other anti-pop-up software does not make that distinction and just flatly disallows all child windows unless told otherwise. I definitely understand the need for anti-pop-up software these days! Thus, if you happen to find yourself in the situation where the child windows are not opening for you, please very carefully check the configuration settings for your anti-pop-up software and make sure it is set to accept pop-up windows from <>.

Other Relevant Information:

Glossary of Biological Terminology
Information on Submitting Newsnotes

Required Plugins
I have tried to keep the “different” file types, other than HTML, to a reasonable number. I think, if you have Adobe Acrobat, Quicktime, and possibly RealPlayer (all of which are fairly standard, I think) installed, that should probably take care of most of what you’re likely to run across among these Web pages. (Because of their smaller file size, many of the RealPlayer files were created back when using a modem to dial into an ISP was the norm. However, along with smaller file size, the quality of the resulting video is not as good. Thus, now that most people are using high-speed connections, I am slowly replacing those files with better-quality video file formats.)
Why I Don’t Use Blackboard
I do not use Blackboard for a number of what I feel are very important reasons:

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