Human Biology Course Topics

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Week 1: Let’s Play Volleyball!
So, what does a volleball picnic have to do with biology, anyway?
What is Biology?
What’s the biggest bubble he can blow?
Scientific Method
Week 2: Picking Teams
Who are the players on this team?
Body Organs, Systems, and Organization
Why are all those people so sweaty?
May I have some chocolate cake, first?
How will that give me the energy to play volleyball?
Digestion and Cellular Respiration
Week 3: Playing the First Game
Why does chasing after the ball make me feel so out-of-breath?
Circulatory (Cardiovascular) and Respiratory Systems
Why does that rose over there look and smell so good to me?
Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Week 4: Let’s Play a Second Game
Which bones and muscles am I using?
Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Will I get sick if I accidentally drink out of someone else’s cup?
Immune System
Excuse me, but which way is the bathroom?
Excretory (Urinary) System
Week 5: Fun for the Whole Family
Will I ever be as tall as you?
Mitosis and Meiosis
Are we related?
Mendelian and Human Genetics
“Like father, like son”?
DNA Structure and Function, Genetic Engineering
Week 6: Come, and Bring a Date
Why is (s)he so good-looking to me?
Reproductive System, Birth Control, and STDs
What about the  kids  . . . oops. . . children?
Conception and Fetal DevelopmentConception and Fetal Development
Week 7: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Well, OK, How About Mosquitoes, Ants and Goats?
What am I stomping on when I jump to spike the ball?
Biodiversity and Taxonomy
Week 8: Volleyball in the Woods
How’d all those beasties get here?
Natural Selection and EvolutionNatural Selection and Evolution
Week 9: Put Them on the Team, Too!
So, who invited the ants to the picnic?
Communities and Ecological Interactions and Interdependence
Week 10: Volleyball in the Grass vs. Volleyball in the Gym
Can’t we just bulldoze it and build a parking lot and indoor volleyball court, instead?
Ecological Consequences and Impact of Human Activities
Final Assignment:
View and submit the final assignment.
Strange Beast

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