Welcome to the Clermont College
Monarch Watch Home Page!

We are proud to be part of a nation wide research study tracing the mysterious migration pattern of the monarch butterfly. The University of Kansas initiated the study and choose three schools from each state to participate in the research study. We are a General Biology Lab of future teachers and we jumped at the chance to share our research and discoveries on the World Wide Web.

After being selected by the scientist at the University of Kansas, We received from them in the mail a large box full of all of the material needed for the study. We received 21 monarch butterfly eggs. Because of the skill of our expert professor, who previously worked at the Cincinnati Zoo for 10 years as an entomologist, We successfully raised 20 of them to full grown butterflies.

The University of Kansas required us to send a small sample of the monarchs that we raised back to them. The remainder We tagged in hopes of being able to trace them. On a small piece of paper we printed their ID number and the word "Clermont". This process of tagging the monarchs did not harm tham in any way. If you happen to come across one of our butterflies, please e-mail Professor Janet Stein Carter.

For more specific information, we invite you to look at our daily log sheet where we recorded all of our data from the day we received the eggs, to the day we finished our project. If you would like more information about the national research project, visit The University of Kansas .