Mapping procedure (Carter) done with azimuth and compass; data recorded and correlated

Actual map produced from data - Tributary Map

Environmental factors (Carter) of Maple Creek tributary were analyzed and recorded May 16, 2000 under partly cloudy skies. Recorded data were as follows:

Light intensity -

Air temperature - Dew point - Relative humidity - Soil temperature - Wind velocity -

Environmental Factor Data of surrounding areas included for comparison - Environmental Factors

The evaluation of random tree pair analysis (Carter) shows a higher percentage of maple trees (27%) and tulip trees (16%) out of 30 trees observed and measured.  For complete data - Tree Pair Analysis

Fauna survey (Carter) was done to evaluate insects, arthropods, and other animals in the Maple Creek tributary area. The majority of fauna seen were ants and pill bugs; for complete data - Fauna Chart

Flora survey (Carter) resulted in observation of 132 shrub plants of 6 different species in a 16m² area, and 72 herb plants of 11 different species in a 1m² area. Complete data - Flora Chart

Water analysis (Carter) was performed on samples from three different areas of Maple Creek tributary. Results were as follows:
pH -

Silica content - Hardness test (Ca++) - CO2 test - Nitrogen and phosphorous tests -

A new sample was obtained in a B.O.D.  bottle and a dissolved oxygen test (Carter) was performed.  Result obtained was 7.0 D.O. units.  This number is high considering the average normal result is 5 D.O. units (Art).

Complete water analysis data - Water Analysis

Soil samples from three different areas of Maple Creek tributary were evaluated for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium; results were as follows:

Nitrogen -

Phosphorus - Potassium -

Complete results - Soil Analysis