Looking at the soil data, it had been found that there is a a slight range in the pH levels from the samples collected. The West Woods soil had a pH level of 5.0 which is acidic compared to the pH of the Maple Creek level of 7.0 (soil analysis table and figure). Soil samples were very low in nitrogen with medium levels of phosphorus and high levels of potassium. Soil collected showed to have "clay-loam" soil, which shows that there is a 25-40% clay content in the soil.

In the Fauna survey conduction in 2000, it has been discovered that the numbers of organisms in the Maple Creek area has decreased since the destruction or other wise known as Construction started. The fauna mainly consisted of spiders, 37 in Maple Creek vs 16 in West Woods and also Pillbugs, 174 in Maple Creek vs 4 in West Woods. The flora mainly consisted of small plants such as chickweed 12 in Maple Creek vs 3 in West Woods and larger trees such as Amur & Japanese Honeysuckle in both Maple Creek and West Woods.

Tree analysis performed showed that the area mostly contained Maple, Paw Paw, Wild Cherry, and Hickory.

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