In our world today, it is believed that the only way to make our environment productive is to strip it of it natural habitats and build on it. By stripping the land we destroy natural habitats that could have taken years to produce. On the other hand, we are creating new home, businesses, jobs and just a better way of life.

The people that think building is more productive never stop to think of the world we are actually destroying. The organisms that live in that area are either forced out or killed. The destruction of Clermont College Campus' wetlands and wooded areas was performed just to build an additional two buildings and one parking lot. Granted the buildings might have been needed but was the parking lot necessary? There was ample parking space in the old parking lot and you did get a lot of exercise by walking. In light of the destruction of the old wetlands there were two new ponds created at the south end of Maple creek. The installation of these ponds did create a new habitat but could never make up for the one destroyed.

Our research is based on studying the new wetlands and how Maple creek has been effected by the construction. We are going to observe and record the growing and established ecosystem of the new wetland. The types of analysis we will be performing will be soil, tree, flora & fauna and environmental factors. Data collected from previous years will be compared to our data collected to see the percentage of growth.


Literature Review