George, K.R., K. Huber, J.F. Osburn, and M. Ostendorf. 23 May 2001. Ecological survery of Clermont College spring 2001.

        An ecosystem was sampled, surveyed, and studied. The pond area was mapped using a compass. Flora and fauna were counted around the pond area. A tree sampling was done around the Maple Creek area. Soil from Five Falls Creek was tested for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels. A subjective analysis was also performed which determined that the soil was clay. Light intensity, air temperature, relative humidity, and wind velocity were sampled along the ponds, in the West Woods, and in an open, grassy, area. North pond and Maple Creek were both observed, while taking note of plants and animals found near or in each. Water samples were also taken from each. These samples were used in a water analysis, in which a titration was performed, and acidity, hardness, and chloride amounts were tested. Mark and recapture was done on whirligig beetles. Six whirligig beetles were captured from North pond and dotted with white-out, then released. After one hour the total number of whirligig beetles seen was counted.